Susan Beck

Susan Beck

What I Do

As a lawyer turned journalist, I covered the legal profession at The American Lawyer for nearly 30 years. I understand the pressures that lawyers face to generate and keep business. Whether your goal is to impress a client, a judge, an adversary or a potential hire, I’ll work with you to project a clear and compelling message and tell a persuasive story that will stand out from the competition.

My Experience

Clearly Legal - My Experience
Clearly Legal - I can work with you on Distinctive Legal Writing

I can work with you on:

  • Marketing materials
  • Client newsletters
  • Thought leadership reports
  • Website biographies
  • Polishing legal briefs
  • Internal communications
  • Contest submissions

“We’re not a news service.”

"My chairman isn’t interested in creating client alerts and content like that. She says, ‘We’re not a news service.’” That’s a comment I heard when I recently co-hosted a webinar for the Legal Marketing Association with Lance Godard on effective strategies for...

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Brief Writing: Own Your Demons

Today, we’ll look at a different kind of content — briefs, complaints, and other persuasive legal writings.   Many of my tips for creating better content can also help lawyers write more effective briefs. Write simply, clearly, avoid jargon, and remember your...

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